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Once you have sent us your details via email we can get you on the server, just tell us your Minecraft player name (exact spelling) in the comments section below. You will be added to the whitelist as quickly as possible, sometimes within an hour sometimes it may take a day. Try to log on after an hour and if you have any problems resubmit your info.

107 Responses to “Join the server whitelist”

  1. Cairns Minecraft

    Hi Sienna,

    Cairns Minecraft is a ‘whitelist’ server, this means that you have to be a member to join. If you would like to become a member email us,, with the following information:

    Real Name
    Minecraft user name (case sensitive)
    Player age
    Contact phone number

    Once you have sent your email go to the COMMENTS AND IDEAS section and click on ‘Join the server whitelist’ and give us your player name and we will add you as soon as possible.

  2. Leanne Lambert

    Hi Cairns Minecraft. Sorry to bother you on your hols but can we update Jazhands login to Jazhand07 on the whitelist? Thanks

    • Cairns Minecraft

      Hi Leanne, I cant add Jazhand07, could you check the spelling please. I added Jazhands07 let me know if that is correct. No probs with holidays, I work on the server all the time!

  3. William Rooks

    Hi, I’m doing the workshop next friday, my playername is willscout07.

  4. Dean Johnson

    ‘Hi I am doing the workshops next week, my player name is Lava Dean..’ on this page

  5. Bread_Stick1

    Hi I’m doing the workshop next week and my in game username is Bread_Stick1

  6. Joshua Van Kruistum

    Hi i am doing the workshop next week, my player name is Spartan.

  7. ronan lawrance

    hi I’m coming on Monday the 8th april my player name will be Mc.Derpy

  8. Siduri Habergham

    I am doing the workshops on Monday and Tuesday, my player name is Calico Freaky.

  9. Noah Camilleri

    Hi I am doing mine craft workshop on Wednesday , my player name is Ronaldo7

  10. Charlotte Kendall

    Hi I’m doing the workshop on Monday, my player name is catlover

  11. Kaiden Harris

    hi my username will be Chickles and I will be substituting for lachlan cockburn

  12. Jack Britz

    Hi I am going to the mine craft workshop today. my player name is AquaJack

  13. Jasper Elliott

    Hi I’m doing the mine craft workshop on Wednesday, My player name is JaSpEr

  14. Caden Elliott

    Hi I’m doing the mine craft workshop on Wednesday, My player name is CadeN

  15. Jacob

    Hi I am doing the workshops on Tuesday (tomorrow), my player name is SpeedyGecko

  16. Finn Slade

    Hi I am doing the workshop tomorrow and my player name is

  17. Zavier

    Hi, I am doing the workshop on Friday.
    My player name is SirMeowsALot.
    Can you please add me,

  18. Flynn Morgan

    Hello, I have done one program and wish to continue contributing on the server, I did it on the 8th of April, Player name is PhantomThief26

  19. William Fogg

    Hi. My son Will is doing the Minecraft workshop tomorrow. His username is DEVILX77. Thank you

  20. Block builder

    Hi I did a workshop at the Gordonvale library and would like to join please


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