1.13 is here, what now?

UPDATE Wednesday 24 October:

Most of the plugins are still not supported for 1.13.2 so we are going to stick with 1.12 for now, sorry to all the sea live enthusiasts! As soon as the plugins are supported we will move over to the new version of the game.

UPDATE Monday 23 July:

Spigot have released a stable version of 1.13, which we have tested this morning. The worlds look great and there is no loss of blocks so everything is fine however World Edit and some commands don’t work. You cant /spawn. Therefore we have reverted the server back to 1.12.2. Stay tuned for updates!

UPDATE Thursday 19 July:

Well team, here we go, the biggest update for Minecraft ever, 1.13 is here. Check out the Spigot website to keep up to date: https://www.spigotmc.org/

Currently we have 2 options, stick with 1.12.2 and keep building safely, or give 1.13-pre7 a go.

Today we will do some testing of 1.13-pre7, after doing a full back up! If it works then we will leave it on for the weekend and reassess on Monday. So if youre having trouble getting on the server have a look back here for any info.

Later in the day…

Well it looks like we are sticking with 1.12.2 for now, see the video below on how to change from the latest version back to 1.12.2.

List of current plugins:



9 Responses to “1.13 is here, what now?”

  1. Cyberoo / Levi

    Thanks for the video! I didn’t know how to change back to 1.12.2 lol.

    • Cairns Minecraft

      It might take another week for all the plugins to get updated. What plugins could we get rid of? We need to have World Edit, PermissionsX, Groupmanager, LogBlock, Multiverse Core, Multiverse Portals and a few more to make the server usable so its a bit of a waiting game at the moment.

  2. Magerapidest71

    Couldn’t u go into the .Jar files and change it manually? And is that all the mods used in the sever?

    • Cairns Minecraft

      Hi Magerapids71, yes you can just swap over the jar file. I did that on Monday morning and the worlds work but the plugins dont so there are no portals or World Edit, no non vanilla commands etc. It makes the game pretty difficult. If we had just one world in creative or survival with no plugins it would be fine but Cairns Minecraft is so big and complex it needs most of the plugins to function.
      Current plugins in image under video above.


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