1.13.2 Testing

Cairns Minecraft is now running 1.13.2!

We need your help to do some testing. Please get on the server then let us know if you find any issues by leaving a comment below.

There is a new 1.13.2 map generated from the KipBoomGen seed that you can access from the spawn point.

If you are looking for a project over the school holidays then head to the Green Island map and start to build some coral reef around the island. You could build the Cairns Aquarium on Florence Street in the Cairns City to scale map. The spawn world, Future Cairns, could do with some aquatic additions, perhaps some reef around the Woven Fish?

Thursday¬† 6 December 2018: We are currently testing the viability of running the server on 1.13.2. If you can’t get on the server of if you find any problems with the server please leave a comment here.

Monday 10 December 2018: Having some problems with World Edit. Please report problems, in detail, in the comments section below.

Tuesday 11 December 2018: World Edit is still not functioning correctly and now has a diamond axe allocated as the wand. World Guard is now working and has the wooden axe as it’s wand. Many areas are now unprotected so be careful with builds.

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