Cairns Minecraft has four servers:

JAVA  Creative, the original creative server set up in 2016 (1.16.1 Paper/Spigot for Windows, Mac, Linux etc)
JAVA Survival, a new survival only world with no plugins (1.16.1 Vanilla for Windows, Mac, Linux etc)
Bedrock Creative, The original Cairns Minecraft Bedrock server set up in September 2019 (1.16.1 for Windows 10 and mobile devices)
Hybrid Server, for both JAVA and Bedrock players to play together. This is a brand new test server for the June/July 2020 holidays.

This community arts and cultural project was developed to stimulate ideas and discussion with young people about urban design; architecture; public art and space. It creates an exciting opportunity to get involved and encourages fun knowledge and digital skills development, all of which is transferable to employment in not only the cultural and creative industries, but in many other sectors. The more digitally literate young people are, the more equipped they will be for jobs that don’t currently exist!

If you would like to join in the fun you’ll need to become a member. Click here to get started.

The Cairns Minecraft JAVA Server was developed for the 2016 Cairns Children’s Festival held at the Tanks Arts Centre. The server has been running for over 5 years and currently has over 370 players on the whitelist. The Bedrock server has been running for 6 months and has over 160 players on the whitelist.

See the video below for a quick tour of the JAVA server, you can find more videos here.