A place for Minecrafters from Far North Queensland to get together, create, share and compete.

Cairns Minecraft was developed to stimulate ideas and discussion with young people about urban design; architecture; public art and space. The initial creative server was launched at the 2016 Cairns Children’s Festival and currently has over 500 members on the server whitelist.

Cairns Minecraft has four servers:

Creative – the original creative server (1.17.1 Spigot/Paper hybrid)
Survival – a seasonal survival only world (1.17.1 Spigot/Paper hybrid)
RLCraft – a heavily modded JAVA only survival server (Spigot 1.12.2) install info
Test Server
 – currently running a 1.18 3 snapshot

The Creative, Survival and SkyBlock servers are Hybrid which means that JAVA and Bedrock players can play together, how awesome! Click on the MEMBERSHIP link to find out how to get involved.