We have removed the CMS server as its getting so close to the release of 1.18, and nobody wants to mine for no reason. I have a copy of it all if you need it.

While we wait…. lets explore Better Minecraft [FABRIC] – 1.17.1

You will need to download Forge:
and then install Better Minecraft [FABRIC] – 1.17.1.

Better Minecraft includes:

  • New Cave & Cliffs Generation – Height From Y -64 to Y 320 [1.18 Update!]
  • Lush Caves & Dripstone Caves [1.18 Update!] & Copper GOLEM!
  • New Biomes in the Overworld, The Nether & The End
  • The Aether Dimension! [This mod is still a WIP so expect less content and some bugs]
  • BetterEnd & BetterNether Mod!
  • Shaders built in with Iris Shaders Mod! [You need to add your own Shader]
  • Witherite Tools & Dragon Tools & Armour & Vein Mining
  • New Bosses and Mobs
  • Plenty of Vanilla Structures Variants
  • Roughly Enough Items & Waystones
  • Xaero’s World Map [Press ‘M’ to Open] & Xaero’s Minimap [Press ‘N’ to Toggle]]

Here is all the info:

Some video motivation:

Sometimes when you launch through the Forge launcher the game does not open the first time andyou may have to launch for a second time to get it to run.