minecraft competitions


Cairns Minecraft servers use the Geyser plugin to connect Minecraft Bedrock players to Minecraft JAVA servers. With this comes some slight differences to gameplay. For one, you will notice that Redstone works in the JAVA style which is slightly different to Bedrock. The differences are small and don’t cause too many issues but are a great way for Bedrock players to experience the original style of Minecraft gameplay.
  • Check that you are connected to the internet
  • Make sure your game is updated
  • Restart your device
  • Remove the server info and start over
You can find our server connection info on the SERVERS page. If you need a little more help, have a look at the images below.

Start your game

Tap Play

Tap Servers

Scroll down

Tap Add Server

Add the server info. This info is out of date, go to the SERVER page for up to date connection info.

Creative Server

Survival Server. This info is out of date, go to the SERVER page for up to date connection info.

Now the Cairns Minecraft servers are all set up

Choose the server you want to play on then click Join Server

If you get stuck on this window restart your device

Nearly there!

When you first connect it can take a while for the world to load

You are now at the Creative Server spawn point. Have a look around at what other players have built, play in the sandpit, practice your archery or parkour. There are portals to minigames and creative worlds.

Portals to  creative and competition worlds