To join the servers, first read the server Rules and check the NEWS section for up to date info on any issues. Cairns Minecraft servers are ‘whitelist’ servers, this means that you have to be a member to join. If you would like to become a member email the below info to info@tanksartscentre.com. Members receive early access to workshops and events via email. (You can of course stop receiving these notifications at any time by sending a reply email with the subject title “OPT-OUT”).

Real Name
Minecraft user name (case sensitive)
Player age
Contact phone number
Bedrock or JAVA

Once you have emailed us your info you can leave a comment below with your player name and we will get you on to the whitelist a quick as possible. Make sure you let us know if you want to join the JAVA or Bedrock server. Once you have been added to the whitelist use the info below to log into the server.

To join the JAVA server:

Play > Multiplayer > Add Server
Server Name: Cairns Minecraft
Server Address: play.cairnsminecraft.com 

To join the Bedrock server:

Play > Servers > Add Server
Server Name: Cairns Minecraft
Server Address: play.cairnsminecraft.com 
Port: 19132

Once you have sent us your details via email we can get you on the server quick smart. Just tell us your Minecraft player name (exact spelling) and if you want to access the JAVA or Bedrock server in the comments section below. You will be added to the whitelist as quickly as possible, sometimes within an hour sometimes it may take a day. Try to log on after an hour and if you have any problems resubmit your info.


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