Island worlds

In preparation for the Update Aquatic we have made a couple of new maps, Green Island and Islands World. You can access these worlds from the spawn point.

As the current spawn world, Future Cairns, is getting pretty full we are thinking that we should create a new spawn world. What do you think would be best, Green Island or Islands World? Have a look at the maps below and check out the worlds in game and post comments below. We could make it a community build, working together to make the new spawn world look awesome, then once it’s finished change it over to become the new main/spawn world. We would need to create portals to all the other worlds within the actual spawn hub. Do you have any ideas on how the spawn should look? Add links in the comments section below.


Green Island

Green Island 5-157


Green Island

Green Island 5-202


Islands World

Cairns Map 2018 4-706


Islands World

Cairns Map 2018 4-125


Islands World

Cairns Map 2018 4-894

3 Responses to “Island worlds”

  1. TamaLockie (username)

    Thank you Mark for the amazing maps! Both of them are so full of detail, and I can’t wait to see one implemented into the server. I do have a few points, though, that may be useful to you and the server.

    1. The first thing I noticed is a huge difference when it came to structure and size. The ‘Islands World’ is huge, and it has a structure that makes it hard to make a good – looking reef around it. I could only see 1 area that might be good for building coral reefs. The Islands world is also simply too big for a lobby, but it could still have some use ( see number 2 for more on that). The ‘Green Island’ map, however, is small but big enough to fit in a lobby. It also a truckload of space to build a coral reef around it and Green Island itself is very symbolic to Cairns. Plus, it already has very good terrain for building.

    2.If the Green Island map was chosen, The Islands world could still have some use in the form of a game. It looks like the perfect choice for a Hunger Games style game with its large maps size, different terrain and the round structure of the island itself (that would be useful if there was a shrinking area involved. You can see that most of the battle royal games have maps that are surprisingly similar to this one). The addition of the volcano might be useful in a survival/battle royal styled game on this map.

    3.I have seen both maps in-game and the Islands world looks a bit bland to build
    a lobby in (and it is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too massive) I do think we could do a community build for the lobby, but it would only be trusted moderators and admins (if we tried to include everyone in building a lobby at Green Island it would be too cramped, and people would try and do their own thing and start fighting over space)
    We could try a beach – pirate look as that would fit the theme. And maybe for the reef we could use custom heads that look like fish. That would be awesome!

    Other things I do want to see (since I have the opportunity):

    -Cairns Minecraft YouTube channel.
    -Better ranking system (new ranks such as rookie, veteran, donator, VIP, MPV, MPV + and so on…)
    -Mail MUST be easier to send and receive
    -Tutorial for beginners
    -Make the games a bit more like the ones in Hypixel

    Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to share our ideas. Anyway, thanks again for the awesome server. If you want to talk further, you can catch me on the server on Monday ( 6:30 – 7:20 am) or Friday ( 6:30 – 7:30 am) but it has to be this week or next week because I am going on a holiday overseas soon. Anyway, see you and I hope you do consider some of my opinions so they could be applied.

    Anyway, thanks for the great server.

    • Cairns Minecraft

      Hi TamaLockie,

      Thanks so much for the feedback. I agree, Islands World is way too big, Green Island will make a much better spawn. I have been thinking that Islands World could just be a new creative build area. I have mapped out blocks of land to build on. I can always revert this back to the original blank map if need be. We could also add another copy of that map for a Hunger Games etc.

      I was thinking of something like: as an idea to build off Green Island, maybe we can park our pirate ships there! Also building a replica of the Green Island jetty could be good, there is an underwater observatory there which could be good to see all the new fish, reef, dolphins and turtles with 1.13 We can define builders that are allowed top build by using the WorldGuard plugin that is already installed. Once built we can set it to Adventure Game Mode to protect it. We would need to have portals to all worlds of course. Once we have 1.13 Spigot installed we can add all the new blocks to make the reef areas.

      – I will look into permission for a YouTube channel, There’s heaps of content that I can load up straight away that is currently on our Vimeo channel:
      – Do you know how to set up the ranking system?
      – Any ideas on mail? It all needs to be moderated, hence the use of the comments section of this website. Youtube would make a good forum also.
      – Tutorial, what info would be good to include?
      – We can make the games however you like, lets get creative! I will support everyone as much as possible. We need to keep it unique and for small numbers of players, most players will continue to use Hypixel for the big games, Hypixel is MASSIVE! Ranking up through game scores would be good motivation.

      Also I think we could lose some worlds, I would like to keep it all simple somehow without losing any of the great work that has been done over the past 2 years. Definitely keep the main/spawn Future Cairns, Cairns to scale, Survival and Creative Worlds. We could look at how to modify the Nether and End worlds to make the best use of them. They could become mini games within themselves.

      So many things to think about!

      Keep the ideas coming.

  2. Cyberoo / Levi

    I really love this idea of the Island worlds it looks really beautiful, I hope to see you in the server soon.


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