1.13.2 Testing

Cairns Minecraft is now running 1.13.2!

We need your help to do some testing. Please get on the server then let us know if you find any issues by leaving a comment below.

There is a new 1.13.2 map generated from the KipBoomGen seed that you can access from the spawn point. It is called Workshop World.

Wednesday 13 February 2019

World Edit is now working using the diamond axe as the wand, happy building team!

Tuesday 12 February 2019

We have moved the server to a new host. Stipe (https://stipe.com.au/) will now be looking after us with a server based in Sydney. The new I.P. is but you can still access the server through play.cairnsminecraft.com. World Edit seems to be working however the wand doesn’t seem to select correctly. Please use //pos1 and //pos2 to define your positions. It means you will need to dig one block to select a surface layer, bit annoying but the best we can do for now…. back to building! We will try to get more plugins working as they become available.

Thursday 17 January 2019 (already???): The server has been running well over the holiday break, unfortunately there hasn’t been much development with World Edit or the other plugins during this time as everyone’s been too busy playing with their new Christmas presents… We will keep checking with Spigot and the plugin developers to keep the server up to date. Do you think we should stay with Spigot or start using another type of server?

Tuesday 11 December 2018: World Edit is still not functioning correctly and now has a diamond axe allocated as the wand. World Guard is now working and has the wooden axe as it’s wand. Many areas are now unprotected so be careful with builds.

Monday 10 December 2018: Having some problems with World Edit. Please report problems, in detail, in the comments section below.

Thursday  6 December 2018: We are currently testing the viability of running the server on 1.13.2. If you can’t get on the server of if you find any problems with the server please leave a comment here.

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