Cairns Resource Pack

You may have noticed that the JAVA server now has a resource pack installed. Our plan is to work on this resource pack and make it just right for Cairns. The original version of this resource pack is called ‘Default 32×32’ and you can find it here. We have already changed the sun and moon to look like they do from Cairns and the rest is up to you. We can change trees, flowers, blocks, weapons, armor, whatever you like. Leave your ideas in the comments section below.

You can download the current version of the ‘Cairns Default 32×32’ resource pack here.

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  1. TamaLockie (PrizmGamingGD)

    Making a server resource pack is a great idea! I already have a few suggestions.
    -Wooden axes and diamond axes should be wands (because the are the tools used for world-edit and protection)
    -Cauldrons could be toilets or trashcans
    -Wet and dry sponges can be custom blocks (e.g ruby, topaz, bigger flowerpots, ect…)
    -Glass and glass panes should be more clear and more pretty (same goes for stained)
    -Flora and Fauna should be more realistic
    -Beacons can be made more pretty of even can be remade to make a custom block with ambient lighting and visual uses.

    Hope these suggestions are useful.
    Cya on the server!!!

    • Cairns Minecraft

      Great ideas Tamalockie. Casement windows, palm leaves, different blocks to build Cairns City like real life. Armour can be modified. Artworks can be made by us or get local artists to contribute. The resource pack loaded is 32 x 32. What do you think would be best?


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