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If you have any requests for access to commands or if you have any suggestions for admins please leave a comment below.

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  1. Bigmumma3

    I do have one main issue, and one main request from my times roaming the server (including the nicely added worlds). The main issue is that I’ve seen a lot of small griefing, at least the remains of what was a grief. Many objects (especially the main hub where one spawns in. Many of these compromise of not destroying the whole structure, but removing a few blocks that would damage the piece as a whole (this includes my own creations). Could we perhaps have a system where player blocks can only be destroyed by the player that placed them, unless a moderator is required to (trolling, griefing, etc). Speaking of building, it would be nice to have at least a simple editor for block building (like a wand, perhaps?), that can spawn certain shapes at certain sizes, and can maybe even spawn blocks in rows to help quicken the building process. Personally, this is because building anything in the game has taken a huge amount of time, to the point where I haven’t been able to complete most of them in the little time I have, and that’s without fearing someone would grief it later down the line when I’ve logged off. Apart from that, there’s nothing much in terms of issues, except for the phantoms in the space world, they are irritating to work with when building.

    • Cairns Minecraft

      Hi Bigmumma3, we can use World Guard to protect builds and World Edit to help build. I will make you an admin and you will have access to those plugins. Google how to use them. Only do small edits with World Edit or you will crash the server.


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