New Resource Pack

We have installed a new resource pack called VanillaBDcraft 1.15. The pack is  HD 64×64 which gives a great high definition game experience. If your computer struggles with the resolution you can either turn off multiplayer resource packs or adjust the settings of your game.

To turn off multiplayer resource packs: Start your game > Multiplayer > select the Cairns Minecraft server, click in the info section not the play button > Edit > Server Resource Packs: Disabled

You can also adjust the game graphics: In game > hit the Esc button on your keyboard > Options > Video Settings > slide the Biome Blend to OFF > Graphics: Fast > Smooth Lighting: OFF > Render Distance: 12 chunks > Max Framerate: 30 > Clouds: OFF > Particles: Minimal > Entity Shadows: OFF

This can be done at any time to improve the game performance especially if you have an older computer.

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