JAVA and Bedrock Regional Building Competition, April – June 2020

School aged students (P-12) recreate a building from your town

And the winners are….

Seniors winner is Delta Ash with his awesome Mud Crab Playground pictured below.


Junior winner is jumpjacket with his awesome Mega Climbing Tree House!



And the finalists are…

Player name – Building – Score out of 45

SLR00099 – Cairns City Library – 42
SmileyMiner15 – Cairns Gallery – 42
Quban_ – Tobruk Memorial Pool – 42
DeltaAsh  – Munro Martin Parklands – 41.5
Skeletons14 – Cairns Performing Arts Centre – 41
FlawInTheWorks – Cairns RSL – 40
MonkeyPanther – Cairns Aquarium – 38.5
Mr_River_69 – The Ship Building Kuranda – 38.5
cyberoo – Bolands Centre – 37
_Kiyomi – Paronella Park – 36
jumpjacket – Cairns Aquarium – 35.5
Pearly1507 – Barlow Park – 32.5

The theme of the final build battle is to build a new playground area for the Fun Ship Playground located at the north end of the Cairns Esplanade. Have a look at the existing playground here. Imagine you are the architect designing the new playground. You need to think about seating, barbeques, trees and gardens and the playground itself.


Compete with players from across the region as we find Far North Queensland’s top Minecraft builder.

If you are located in the Cairns Regional Council, Mareeba Shire, Tablelands Regional Council, Cassowary Coast Regional Council, Douglas Shire or Etheridge Shire local government areas you can enter. The competition is split into 2 categories, juniors: prep – year 6 and seniors: year 7 to year 12. The focus of the competition is to create a replica of a building from your town. Entries will be judged on accuracy and creativity. Participants are able to submit multiple entries.

Building starts on 4 April with all entries judged on 22 June. Twelve finalists from across the region will be selected to compete together online on Saturday 27 June. Finalists will be notified by email and announced on Discord and Facebook with their player profiles then featured on the website. All 12 finalists will receive their choice of: Minecraft JAVA, Minecraft Bedrock or Minecraft Dungeons game. The grand prize for the winner of each age group is:



Terms and Conditions:

  1. The semi-final competition starts on 4 April 2020 and ends at midnight 21 June 2020.
  2. The best 12 builders will be chosen to compete together for the 1 hour final build battle from 12pm midday Saturday 27 June.
  3. Incomplete, indecipherable, or illegible entries will be deemed invalid, as will entries containing expletives or vulgar images.
  4. The 12 finalists will be selected by a panel of judges and this decision will be final.
  5. Finalists will be notified via email on 24 June.
  6. Grand final winners will be notified via email on 30 June.
  7. Prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash.
  8. Prizes are to be collected from the Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre, Cairns. A photo of the winners will be taken at that time. Alternative options will be available if needed.

You must join the Cairns Minecraft server whitelist to enter. Stay tuned to this website and our Discord channel for up to date info.

Head to the spawn point and take the portal to the Regional Building Competition to claim your plot of land now!

As the impacts of the coronavirus continue to evolve, Council will keep you informed of any changes to the competition that may be necessary to meet public health guidelines.

Sneak preview of the JAVA build comp world.

JAVA Creative Building Competition, May 2020

A quick freestyle build comp on small plots. Head to spawn and take the Creative Building Competition portal. Entries will be judged on Tuesday 26 May 2020. The winner will be announced on Discord.

September/October 2018 building competition

The September / October build challenge was to build one or more of Cairns iconic Historical Places. We asked that builders use the Cairns Arts and Culture Map to find a building in the Cairns central business district and then use Google Earth and Google Maps to help work out the dimensions of the buildings. Buildings were judged on their accuracy.

RossJay2005 won the build comp by building the School of Arts buildingHides Hotel and Lannoy House as well as helping out on the Shields Street build, especially the huge fig trees. A special mention goes out to cyberoo for his build of the Former Cairns Post Office. Check out the Workshops page for info on what we achieved during the workshops over the school holidays.

SOA - Hides Hotel - Lannoy House

January 2018 – 2017/18 summer break building competition

The solo build winner is cyberoo with No 61 Esplanade.
Cairns_City_to_scale4-61 Cairns_City_to_scale4-163
cyberoo used Google Earth and Street View to define the sizes, colours and textures of the building. cyberoo‘s prize is an awesome Minecraft adventure backpack and a handy life size diamond shovel!

One happy cyberoo with prizes in hand, keep up the good building!

The team build goes to cyberoo, digger_benny, magerapids71, Law_Of_13s, Neessadiamond, FROST_BOYS2 and VX_Katie. This awesome team built the Pullman Cairns International.

Cairns_City_to_scale4-83 Cairns_City_to_scale4-186
All team members win a laminated Cairns Minecraft poster and a super Minecraft collectible pin!

91QbOLx59HL._UY550_ 91nToQFozEL._UL1500_ 91bIQ51gbVL._UY445_
A special shout out goes to, KiloOscarOscar, zoolooau and Tamalockie for helping with the builds on the Cairns City Library and the Cairns Gallery.


April 2016 – Cairns Minecraft 30 Minute House Build Challenge

On Sunday May 15th 2016 at the Cairns Children’s Festival 50 Minecrafters competed in the Cairns Minecraft 30 Minute House Build Challenge….. and the winners are……. drumroll……

Ages 7 to 9 years old – TobyTL8 – winning a ‘Minecraft Papercraft Overworld Shelter Pack’

Ages 10 to 12 years old – MattyStar – winning a ‘Minecraft Beginner’s Handbook’

Team Build all ages – Team Elilal – Gameologist and BuzzyEagle – winning a ‘Minecraft Card Game’ and the major prize of a family cruise on Big Cat Green Island Reef Cruises

Guest judges decided the winners based on good tropical design and creativity:

– Keeping out the heat
– Letting in the breeze
– Growing your own food

TobyTL8’s house


MattyStar’s house


Team Elilal – Gameologist and BuzzyEagle’s house