Join JAVA Server

To join the server, first read the Server Rules and check the COMMENTS AND IDEAS section for up to date info on any issues.

Cairns Minecraft JAVA Server is a ‘whitelist’ server, this means that you have to be a member to join. If you would like to become a member email the below info to then go to the Comments and Ideas  section of this website and click on ‘Join the server whitelist’ and just put your player name in a comment so we can get you on the server as soon as possible:

Real Name
Minecraft user name (case sensitive)
Player age
Contact phone number

As a member you can log onto the Cairns Minecraft server by putting into your Minecraft multiplayer setting. Alternatively you can use

A few people have asked how to do this, here’s a few tips:

First of all ensure your ‘Profile’ is set to ‘Use Latest Version’. Usually your game will be set to the latest version anyway. (Please note that we are currently using 1.13.2 as of  11 December 2018 )


If not you can go to Launch options and click on the Version dropdown menu


You can choose which version of Minecraft you would like to play with. Generally the server is up to date however sometimes it takes a few days to get the latest update. If the game gives you a warning that the server is using an older version of the game you can go here and choose the previous version to get on the server.


Click on News, then Play then select ‘Multiplayer’.

Minecraft4 Minecraft5

Then ‘Add server’. Type in the info below.


Click ‘Done’. Then ‘Join’ the server!


And you are connected!