Cairns City Centre Master Plan, December 2018 – ongoing

The current challenge is to build the Cairns Esplanade and Fogarty Park as per the concept drawing outlined in the Cairns City Centre Master Plan in the Cairns city to scale world. To do this take a look at the website See the consultation idea image below:

Esplanade Master Plan Concept

You will need to measure the areas using Google Earth and estimate the sizes that are represented in the concept drawing. Note the major changes to whats currently on the Esplanade: 12 – Florence Street Pier, 13 – Expand the parklands and 14 Re-design Fogarty Park. It’s quite a big job so just stick to one small area and measure and build as best you can.

Previous challenges

September 2017 – Cairns City Library

We have a new challenge, to build a scale replica of the Cairns City Library. Player KiloOscarOscar has been busy working on the ‘Cairns City to scale map’ and most of the property boundaries and roads are marked out so its time to build a showcase building. We have chosen the Cairns City Library for this project. Go to the spawn point and take the portal to ‘Cairns City to scale’ and head down to the corner of Aplin Street and Abbott Street. The black and white rulers on the plans below are blocks, so the building is 8 blocks high. The plans are below:

Composite City Library Elevations 3 City Library Floor Plan 3 City-Library-Site-Plan

April 2017 – Cairns Minecraft Public Art Challenge 2017

There was a new challenge leading up to the Cairns Children’s Festival on May 21, 2017. Players built public art works like the sculptures below from FROST_BOYS2 and PrimeSlothGaming. If you want to build some public art just get on the server and find a free space.


Ice Tree by FROST_BOYS2


seaweed prime

Seaweed by PrimeSlothGaming


Here’s some motivation from the real world.


Woven Fish by Brian Robinson



Windblown Leaves by Roland Nancarrow