Below is a list of worlds currently on the JAVA server. To access the worlds go to the spawn point and use the portals.

Future Cairns
 spawn point (creative mode)
Cairns City to Scale 1 block = 1 metre replicating Cairns City (creative mode)
Green Island
 pirate theme (creative mode)
Ravenshoe  built by the Ravenshoe crew (creative mode)
Creative plots of land (creative mode)
Art  freestyle pixel art and sculpture (creative mode)
Redstone for the smarties (creative mode)
Space  no land, always night (creative mode)
Medieval castle zone (creative mode)
Adventure spawn in a dangerous place (survival mode)
Old Survival original 1.12 world (survival mode)
Survival 1.14.4 in the mountains (survival mode)
Desert 1.15.1 the newest survival world (survival mode)

When you enter the server you spawn in Future Cairns; a 1:7 scale map of Cairns from the Barron River to White Rock. This world is filled with magnificent structures, games and public art. There are ships, skyscrapers, mazes, hotels, puzzles and mansions everywhere. This vast world is interlinked with a complex rail system so you can travel and explore to your heart’s content.

Find your own patch of Cairns Minecraft real estate to call home and build whatever you dream up. A house, a castle, a subterranean secret hideaway; the only limit is your imagination. Imagine your ideal city; where would you build your dream house, on top of a mountain with winding stairs or by the beach with ocean views? Where would you build parks, playgrounds, open spaces or public art?



Green Island

Green_Island-300 Green_Island-228 Green_Island-176



Cairns city to scale, 1 block = 1 metre


Cairns_City_to_scale-38 - CopyCairns_City_to_scale-53Cairns_City_to_scale-675The limits of the map


Art World


Creative World

Creative_World-33 Creative_World-70

Space World


Medieval World



ravenshoetopo5 Ravenshoe-48

True Survival

Cairns Map 2018 4-706 Cairns Map 2018 4-125 Cairns Map 2018 4-894

SG spawn point



Redstone_World-154 Redstone_World-1000