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*SOLD OUT* Cairns Minecraft Hybrid Server Workshops

Join workshop facilitators Mark Edwards and Daniel Wallwork as we set up and explore the new Cairns Minecraft hybrid servers. Cairns Minecraft is now accessible for both JAVA and Bedrock versions of the game with our new cross platform technology. Finally, you can play on the same world with your friends on PS4, PC and mobile devices at the same time.

The two-day workshop program is designed for students ages 10 and up who have an interest in game design and server management, as well as a love for awesome gameplay. Workshop participants will work behind the scenes to conceptualise the new server structure, set up new worlds, install plugins and design mini-games.

To find out more about the new hybrid servers and how to get involved head to

WHEN:                Monday 21 & Tuesday 22 September or Wednesday 23 & Thursday 24 September
TIME:                   10.00am – 2.00pm (all dates, both days)
COST:                   $50 (both days incl booking fee)
VENUE:                Tank 3 – Tanks Arts Centre
INFO:                    Mark Edwards – – (07) 4044 3266
BOOKINGS:         (07) 4032 6650
Bring your lunch and a water bottle. No food or drinks at the computers. Lunch will be at 11.30am.
If you have a Bedrock account and a mobile device please bring it along to assist with testing.

Previous workshops

Cairns Minecraft Intensive Server Design Workshops for ages 12 and up

Students worked together during online workshops over the 2 weeks of Easter holidays 2020 to create a new spawn world and Hunger Games maps on the JAVA server. Students learnt how to use World Painter, World Edit, Holographic Displays and Multiverse to create their worlds. If you would like to see their work jump on the JAVA server and head to teh Hunger Games portal and try each arena. You can also have a look at the new (unfinished) spawn world, pictured below, with the command: /mv tp Spawn_2019_2.




The new spawn world

The video below (no audio) shows how easy it it to create a custom world in only 6 minutes using World Painter, one of the pieces of software students will use. This world is used for the Hunger Games spawn point.


3D Printing Workshops at Tanks Arts Centre 16-20 December 2019 & 20-23 January 2020

A big thanks to the 40 students who attended the December/January workshops, you were awesome! Everyone took home a 3D printed model that they designed in game, and helped build the Cairns Court House.

3D models fresh off the printer


Happy builders


Hard at work


One of the build teams

IMG_4572 Edit

Building the Cairns Court House

2020-02-19_07.21.26 IMG_0161 2020-02-19_07.20.45 IMG_0162 2020-02-19_07.22.12 IMG_0165 2020-02-19_07.22.57 IMG_0166 IMG_0163

Skins Workshops at Cairns City Library 3-5 July 2019

Thanks to everyone (60 kids!) who came to the skins workshops. We had a blast. All students made at least one skin, some made many more! The skins for download and fashion parade video are now available on the Skins page. See you at the next workshops in December.

2019-05-07_11.57.59_2 Gimp Inner Planet Minecraft

Resource Pack Workshops at the Tanks Arts Centre 8-12 April 2019

Thanks to everyone who came along to the sell out Resource Pack workshops. It was AWESOME!

The Resource Pack that students worked on is available to download here. If you would like to add to the work that has been done by editing your own blocks just email the .png files to us at

Facilitators Mark Edwards and Daniel (Wally) Wallwork in a painting on the Queenslander display home with cyber pig and bush turkey!

IMG_2404 edit
Students getting busy

IMG_2395 20190411095142_IMG_0569_resized

A quick tour of the Workshop World.


Building Cairns City to Scale Workshops 3 – 5 October 2018

Workshops were held at the Tanks Arts Centre on 3 – 5 October 2018. During the workshops students built Lake Street and Shields Street. The students used printed detail plans and Google Earth to measure the sizes and used Google Street View to work out what textures to use. See the images below of what was built and have a look at some of the plans we used. If you would like to finish the Shields Street section, have a look at the plans down the page and get on the server!

Cairns_City_to_scale-97 Cairns_City_to_scale-166 - Copy Cairns_City_to_scale-133 - Copy Cairns_City_to_scale-44 - Copy Cairns_City_to_scale-36 Cairns_City_to_scale-41 - Copy Cairns_City_to_scale-38 - Copy Cairns_City_to_scale-133 - Copy Cairns_City_to_scale-50 - Copy Cairns_City_to_scale-95 - Copy

Find out more about the development of the streets:

Shields Street Heart stages 1 & 2

Shields Street Public Art

Lake Street

School of Arts

Lake Street redevelopment

Lake Street


Shields Street stage 1


Shields Street stage 2


Ravenshoe School Holiday Program 11 – 13 April 2018

Cairns Minecraft delivered workshops at the Ravenshoe Community Centre where 8 students and 3 volunteers worked together to measure and build the Ravenshoe Community Centre complex. The workshops also covered server management, plugins, World Edit, World Painter and mini game design.

The students built a Spleef arena in the two basketball courts next to the community centre and with a little help from some players in Cairns they created an awesome meteor impact crater Survival Games arena. Check out the video below.



Community Centre complex with houses in the foreground


Temple of the Rainbow Sheep and Meteor Survival Games Arena to the top left.


Students hard at work.


World Painter map, 4000 x 4000 blocks which equates to 4 km x 4km.


Aerial view.



One of the awesome houses.


Coding and Robotics workshops at Cairns Libraries June 2017

The Hour of Code workshops were a huge success. Students learnt coding, developed skills in the popular virtual world of Minecraft and explored the Cairns Minecraft server. Hour of Code is a global movement introducing millions of young people worldwide to computer science, inspiring them to learn more. For more information click the links below:

Image below: Will showing off his build during the Hour of Code workshop at Headspace Cairns.


Check out the Cairns Sun story from the April 2016 workshops at the Tanks Arts Centre!