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The process for plot claiming is the same for JAVA and Bedrock.
  • Stand in a vacant plot and use the command /plot claim.  The border of the plot will change block type and you will move to the edge of your claimed plot. A sign with the your name will also be placed on north west corner of your plot.
  • If you want to remove your plot claim, and restore the plot to its original state, use the command /plot delete. You will then be asked if you really want to delete the plot, and will then need to use the command /plot confirm. This command is not reversible!
  • If you would like a friend to be able to build in your plot you can use the command /plot trust <player name – use an * before a Bedrock name>. To remove them from accessing your block use the command /plot remove <player name>.
  • You can claim multiple plots. Please don’t be greedy, just claim what you need. Unused plot claims will be deleted.
/plot claim
/plot delete
/plot confirm
/plot trust <player name> i.e. /plot trust CairnsMinecraft
/plot remove <player name>