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JAVA and Bedrock Regional Building Competition, April – June 2020

School aged students (P-12) 

The focus of the preliminary round was to create a replica of a building from your town. Entries were judged on accuracy and creativity. Participants were able to submit multiple entries. Twelve finalists were chosen to compete in a live build battle on Saturday 27 June 2020.

Preliminary winners:

Player name – Building – Score out of 45

SLR00099 – Cairns City Library – 42
SmileyMiner15 – Cairns Gallery – 42
Quban_ – Tobruk Memorial Pool – 42
DeltaAsh  – Munro Martin Parklands – 41.5
Skeletons14 – Cairns Performing Arts Centre – 41
FlawInTheWorks – Cairns RSL – 40
MonkeyPanther – Cairns Aquarium – 38.5
Mr_River_69 – The Ship Building Kuranda – 38.5
cyberoo – Bolands Centre – 37
_Kiyomi – Paronella Park – 36
jumpjacket – Cairns Aquarium – 35.5
Pearly1507 – Barlow Park – 32.5


The theme of the final build battle was to build a new playground area for the Fun Ship Playground located at the north end of the Cairns Esplanade. Have a look at the existing playground here.

Senior winner was Delta Ash with his awesome Mud Crab Playground pictured below.


Junior winner was jumpjacket with his awesome Mega Climbing Tree House!