If you feel that you have been banned by mistake please let us know via email.

If you see anyone being disrespectful take note of their user name and let us know via email or Discord.

  • We have a chat language filter. It will kick you from the server if you use swear words and will not display your message. Do not attempt to bypass this filter. We monitor all conversations for the safety of our players. 
  • Do not build anything that could be considered obscene. This includes swastikas, genitalia, or any crude or vulgar shapes or signs. 
  • Don’t try to make ‘boyfriends’ or ‘girlfriends’ through our server. You have no idea who players really are or how old they may be.

Because of the average age of our players, we must restrict the kinds of personal information that can be shared. Because of the potential for a stranger to identify you or someone else, you should not share any of the following information, nor should you ask others for this information:

  • Telephone numbers (including Google Voice, texting apps, etc.)
  • Personal addresses
  • Your age
  • Skype or Facebook accounts or any other account or server information for any type of voice or chat service (teamspeak, mumble, etc.)
  • Real names or account names on social networking sites
  • Any account name for any other online service (Xbox live, Steam, etc.)
  • The name of your school


  • Do not modify any structure that is not yours.
  • Do not build within 5 blocks of somebody else’s constructions without permission.
  • Do not attempt to “break in” to somebody’s building. If they locked it, they don’t want you in there.
  • Do not take or harvest any crops that do not belong to you.
  • Do not mention the names, web addresses, or IP addresses of any other Minecraft servers. We are not responsible for the content on any other servers and do not want young players being directed to other servers that are not age-appropriate.
  • Do not use chat, Discord, forums, in-game private messages, forum private messages, or any other means to advertise. This includes your own private servers that you set up for friends. 


  • Your buildings, gameplay, artworks and anything you create on the Cairns Minecraft server, Discord or this website can be deleted, copied, reproduced or published at any time without your approval. This means that your character could be filmed as part of a video, your in-game messages could also form part of that video. Your creations may be copied and pasted to other places on the server and could even be 3D printed and publicly displayed!
  • Your creativity is important to us and we try as best we can to look after your builds. If your builds get broken, fix them up. We do fix damage that is done, generally accidentally by new young players, but it’s hard to keep on top of it all so have a look at your old builds and fix them up if needed. Players love looking around at what has been built over the years.
  • If you would like a copy of any of the worlds on the server please contact us and we can provide you with a copy.