To connect to our servers you must become a member, to find out how, visit the MEMBERSHIP page.


JAVA players:
Play > Multiplayer > Add Server
Server Name: CM Creative

Bedrock players:
Play > Servers > Add Server
Server Name: CM Creative
Server Address:
Port: 25565


This server will update when 1.17 is released.

JAVA players:
Play > Multiplayer > Add Server
Server Name: CM Survival
Server Address:

Bedrock players:
Play > Servers > Add Server
Server Name: CM Survival
Server Address:
Port: 25574


JAVA players only:
RLCraft runs on Minecraft JAVA version 1.12.2.
RLCraft server address:
For install instructions –


This server is set up as requested by the older players, no swear filter, hacking and duping are allowed. The only rules are:

  1. No racial slurs or insults
  2. No homophobic or sexist comments
  3. No use of real peoples names or any contact information
  4. No doxing, searching for and publishing private or identifying information about a particular individual on the internet, typically with malicious intent
  5. No DOS attacks. A Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack is an attack meant to shut down a machine or network, making it inaccessible to its intended users
  6. No complaining that someone stole your stuff!

The Anarchy server has its own whitelist for ages 13 and older. To join the server email us with this info:

  • Name
  • Age – must be 13 or older
  • Suburb and shire i.e. Edge Hill, Cairns Shire
  • Phone number
  • Username
  • Game version, JAVA or Bedrock

JAVA Players:

Play > Multiplayer > Add Server
Server Name: CM Anarchy
Server Address:

Bedrock players:
Play > Servers > Add Server
Server Name: CM Anarchy
Server Address:
Port: 27132


If you are trying to connect with Nintendo Switch the following video may help:
Also have a look here for more info:


Anarchy Survival Server

The name says it all. Its a free for all with no rules. YOu can use hacked clients, destroy peoples bases, kill everyone, in fact you can pretty much just destroy anything and nobody can complain. Play if you dare!

RLCraft – something unique for brave JAVA players

This server is not for the faint-hearted! A heavily modded JAVA 1.12.2 server that is survival only. You will probably die straight away, be brave and you will succeed, maybe. To access the server you need to install a modded version of Minecraft. The instructions are here. It’s well worth the effort as the gameplay experience is unique. There are dinosaurs, mermaids, monsters, heat, cold, you name it this server has it all. You can’t even just break trees to get blocks, you have to craft a knife to then cut grass to make rope then mine to get more materials to make an hatchet then you can chop down a tree, but watch out as the tree falls, it can kill you. Do it!

Survival Server – traditional Minecraft, just how you like it

A seasonal server which was reset on 17 September 2020. Straight up 1.16.5 vanilla with a swear filter and moderators. Players form teams and communicate through our Discord channel. The server will be reset with the release of Minecraft JAVA 1.17 in 2021. Copies of the worlds will be made available after reset.

Cyberoo Base 1

One of the survival bases

Creative Server – the place for workshops and competitions

A massive interconnected server with over 30 worlds for creative building and minigames. Below is a list of the main worlds. To access the worlds and minigames go to the spawn point and use the portals.

Spawn point


Future Cairns Hunger Games (the original world started in 2015 – creative mode – freestyle) 
Cairns City Built to Scale 1 block = 1 metre replicating Cairns City (creative mode)
Creative plots of land (creative mode – plot claim world)
Creative Large plots of land 100×100 (creative mode – plot claim world)
Pixel Art  freestyle pixel art and sculpture (creative mode – freestyle)
Redstone for the smarties (creative mode – plot claim world)
Space  no land, always night (creative mode – freestyle)
Regional Building Competition 2020 preliminary (comp closed – spectator mode)
Regional Building Competition 2020 finals (comp closed – spectator mode)
Regional Building Competition 2021 Beginner (comp closed – spectator mode)
Regional Building Competition 2021 Advanced (comp closed – spectator mode)


Hunger Games Hunger Games maps, built by players
Village Defense Hollow, Quarry, Green Island, Witch
Bedwars Bonzai
The Bridge
Hunger Games in a dystopian future world built by players

Future Cairns is a 1:7 scale map of Cairns from the Barron River to White Rock. This world is filled with magnificent structures, games and public art. There are ships, skyscrapers, mazes, hotels, puzzles and mansions everywhere. This vast world is interlinked with a complex rail system so you can travel and explore to your heart’s content.


Green Island – Village Defense minigame


Cairns City built to scale, 1 block = 1 metre, 4000 blocks x 4000 blocks



Cairns_City_to_scale-38 - Copy

Pixel Art World


Creative World


Creative World

Space World

Check out the video below from ironboy789